Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pepper Interviews Blaze


This week I get to introduce a brand new puppy to Retama. His name is Blaze Kaye and he lives on Lark.

Pepper: Tell me Blaze, how did you meet your folks?

Blaze: I saw this lady and thought she would make a good mom. So I went up to her and sat right down on her foot and looked at her with my sad eyes.

Pepper: And did it work the way you wanted.

Blaze: Sure did, she picked me up and I gave her some kisses and she was a goner. She called my new dad and told him to come where we were at; she had a surprise for him.

Pepper: So what kind of puppy are you and how old?

Blaze: My new Doctor said I’m an Austrian Shepard and I’m about 12 weeks old.

Pepper: What’s the best part of being in your new home?

Blaze: Well I have two sisters now that are called kitty cats. And I get lots of hugs from my folks

Pepper: What do you think of Retama.

Blaze: So far I really like it. I’ve met some other puppies and they are nice but I’m a little scared of them. And I really like going to the puppy park. There hasn’t been any other puppy there when I went but there are some awesome toys to play on. Mom said I’m really smart because I know how to climb up the ladders.

Blaze is a cute little puppy that I think will become a great addition to our Retama Puppy Family. Once he is settled in we can all work together to teach him how to start his butt sniff directory and how to leave and send pee-mail.

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