Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pepper Interviews Blaze


This week I get to introduce a brand new puppy to Retama. His name is Blaze Kaye and he lives on Lark.

Pepper: Tell me Blaze, how did you meet your folks?

Blaze: I saw this lady and thought she would make a good mom. So I went up to her and sat right down on her foot and looked at her with my sad eyes.

Pepper: And did it work the way you wanted.

Blaze: Sure did, she picked me up and I gave her some kisses and she was a goner. She called my new dad and told him to come where we were at; she had a surprise for him.

Pepper: So what kind of puppy are you and how old?

Blaze: My new Doctor said I’m an Austrian Shepard and I’m about 12 weeks old.

Pepper: What’s the best part of being in your new home?

Blaze: Well I have two sisters now that are called kitty cats. And I get lots of hugs from my folks

Pepper: What do you think of Retama.

Blaze: So far I really like it. I’ve met some other puppies and they are nice but I’m a little scared of them. And I really like going to the puppy park. There hasn’t been any other puppy there when I went but there are some awesome toys to play on. Mom said I’m really smart because I know how to climb up the ladders.

Blaze is a cute little puppy that I think will become a great addition to our Retama Puppy Family. Once he is settled in we can all work together to teach him how to start his butt sniff directory and how to leave and send pee-mail.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Retama Connection’s Articles

OK, between being Chairperson of the Activities Committee, Coordinator for the 6th Retama’s Walk through the Village and my Weekly Newsletter I just don’t have time for the blog. So instead of closing it down I thought I’d start posting articles from the Newsletter. Hope you enjoy.

image Pet Spot

By Pepperpuppy Moore


I’d like to introduce you to “Little Jack” who just arrived in Retama this week from Wisconsin.

Pepper: So L. Jack what do you think of Retama so far. And will you get your nose out of my butt

L.Jack: Oh Wow, I’ve seen so many people that look just like me

Pepper: Those are called puppies, not people

L.Jack: Huh?

Pepper: Puppies like us walk on four legs and people walk on two

L. Jack: Huh? Why would they only walk on two legs and just let those other two hang from their sides

Pepper: Those are called arms. And will you PLEASE get your nose out of there

L. Jack: But I was just looking for your boy part

Pepper: Ah, I don’t have a boy part, I have a girl part

L. Jack : A What!! Let me look again

Pepper: Whoa there Little Jack

L. Jack: Yup, your right, can’t find no boy parts, want ‘a see mine

Pepper: No, that’s ok, - ---- and will you quit jumping on top of my head

L. Jack: But if you don’t have a boy part how do you go

Pepper: never mind, let’s get back to my questions. How old are you

L. Jack: my mom said I’m five months old

Pepper: And what do you like to do the most

L. Jack: Well I use to like to play with my toys, but now I think I’ll look for girl parts

L. Jack: I wonder if girl parts squeak like my toys, can I look at yours again
Pepper: Absolutely not!!! And this interview is over until you are at least 12 months old
L. Jack: Hey Patches come here a minute

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ugh- Weather

What makes a Texan (yes that’s what we are now) unhappy? Rainy/Cold Days!  What makes a Texan upset?  Several rainy/cold days in a row!  What really ticks off a Texan? Two weeks of rainy, cold days!!

OK, I know there are a lot of people who have it worse. My family finally got power back after 8 days. But they are up north where these rotten things happen. We are in Texas, we’re suppose to have sunny skies, warm temperature's, light breezes. Afternoons spent riding bikes, strolling down our streets to talk with friends, sitting under the awning with a cold beverage. NOT – having sweat shirts a daily dress code,  the fireplace going constantly,  having rain hung by the door. No this is just not right. And let me ask you this, have you ever been basically trapped in 400 sq. ft.. for two solid weeks. Trust me it’s not pleasant.

We did have a nice Christmas Dinner with friends. 004

This is at David and Linda’s home. David promised to send me a picture of all of us but so far I haven’t received it.  hint- hint David

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast at Rene’s again. Seems to have turned into a regular weekly thing.

Today we are going out for a early dinner with 12 others then we’ll be home early before all the idiots get on the road. Our biggest worry on New Years Eve is listening to the guns being shot up in the air. Not a warm fuzzy feeling wondering where they will come down at. This rain might have one good side effect and that’s keeping these people inside.

So that’s about it. I have one more picture to share. This is of Pepper and it pretty much sums up what we all feel about this rain.


Everyone out there have a Happy New Year and please be safe

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Yes we’re still around

I just realized when I went to do this blog that I never did one last weekend and I’m late on this one.  It just seems like I’ve got so many things in the fire that I don’t have time to do it all.

Just a quick run through of what’s been going on. Of course I have the Newsletter every week and that takes a good part of my time even with having some  people helping with some articles. 

I’m also the chairperson of the activities committee and wow that has turned into a full time job. I told the committee members several weeks ago I was stepping down at the end of this season so they will need to find a replacement.

I’ve also been asked to coordinate the Walk Through the Village Event that we did last year. I wasn’t going to do it again, but felt bad that these are new people who have never done this before. Of course that’s coming up on the 27th of January.

So don’t be surprised if you don’t see my blog every week. There’s not much to write about other then activity stuff and I seem to be on the computer all the time doing that.

You probably heard about the ice storm that hit parts of Michigan last weekend. Our little home didn’t have damage from down limbs and we never lost power. But other family members didn’t fair so well. Some just got power back, some are still waiting and they say it could be Saturday before all are back on.

Thought I’d share some pictures:

Above niece Tina took this, not sure where and the bottom one is the other niece Amy’s place.

Our little water tower in town

And here is our grandson Darrius. What is a 9 year old to do when there is no power for his TV,Play Station 3 and too icy to go outside and shoot baskets.

Since it’s Christmas Eve I will send my Merry Christmas Wishes out to you now. Hope all of you have a wonderful day with your family or friends.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New fridge, Craft Show that severs Margaritas

This week the new fridge was delivered. Our other one quit and since the trailer will never be moved we decided to go with a residential household one. Larry needs to do some trim around it but it sure if nice having ice/water again. Of course every time Larry needs a tool it’s up north.


We were suppose to have 65 people coming to the patio this morning for Egg in a Bag.  The weather channel was using words like “wind chill” which in the last seven years we’ve been coming here I’ve never heard them use. With that said we decided this probably wasn’t the best day to have a breakfast on the patio and postponed it to next Saturday. Hopefully much better weather. As it is, it’s just 43 degrees right now.

I went to a craft sale with a couple of other woman at the McAllen Art Center. Most of it was jewelry and clothing, not too many crafts like I see up north.  I won’t mention names but two of the woman I went with today had a little more fun than the rest of us.


Some ladies just should never be allowed to leave the park.

You know your in a Texas Craft Sale when you go to the concession stand and you have a choice of coffee, pop, beer wine or margarita. Now that’s my kind of craft show. (and no the ladies above only had coffee)

We took another couple down to Mexico on Monday who have never been there before and were a little uneasy about going by themselves. It’s always fun taking new ones there and just watching their faces. They had a nice time, I got what I needed, we had a good lunch and back home by 2ish.

So that’s about it for the week. The weather is suppose to be cold for much of the week so I’ll be staying inside unless I “have” to go out.

Till next time…………………

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in San Antonio

We did something different this year for Thanksgiving. We meant my sister, niece & nephew in San Antonio and spend the holiday on the River Walk. What a wonderful time we had.

Nadene came in from Michigan and her flight got in about 11:30, she waited for Marcey and Phil (who came in from Albq.) as they arrived at 12:30. We drove up and somehow we worked it that we all ended up at the hotel within a half hour.

After checking in we took our first of many walks along the River Walk. That night we had reservations at a very nice restaurant with the intention of having a Turkey Dinner. But then the waiter said they were offering Cajon Prime Rib and we decided we could fix Turkey ourselves.

Friday was sight seeing, eating, more sight seeing, more eating and finally the Christmas Parade on the River. And of course more eating after the parade.

Saturday we took the boat ride in the morning then they had to leave for the airport and we headed south again.

Hopefully next week I’ll have pictures to share with you.

Last week seemed to fly by with getting things ready to go there, activity meetings and doing the weekly newsletter. I told the committee that after this season I would be resigning, I just have taken on more then I wanted to. The newsletter does take up a lot of time and it’s time to let someone else be on this committee.

That’s it for this week. Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Till next time…………………………..

Friday, November 22, 2013

New Purchases and a vacation

They say everything is bigger in Texas.  Can you see the Walking Stick that came to visit.


The week has been full of meetings, activities, and the newsletter. There’s been times I wasn’t sure which thing I was working on. Good thing I have Kathy to proof read the newsletter or there might be activity minutes in it.

We’ve had to extend our paper to three pages as I kept adding things and just couldn’t fit everything on two. Again, I forgot to ask Kathy if I can attach it to this blog.

The weather was forecast to have a horrible drop in temperature and today we had it (Friday). By 3pm we were at 89 degrees, by 3:20 we were at 60 and kept going down. They say tonight it will be down to 41 and our high all weekend is 49.

I’ve wanted to get one of those electric fireplaces for the trailer. The furnace in the living area is loud and you are either hot or cold. So today when we were out we came across one that I liked. Larry’s going to mount this under the TV but for now it’s on the stand. 013

Another thing we had to do this week was order a refrigerator. The one in the trailer has quit then started again several times. Luckily I have another one out in the shed when this happens but when we were in Lowes they had a sale on counter mount ones. I mentioned I never liked the furnace so Larry is taking that out so the fridge will sit on the floor. 

One of the things I miss the most if the water and ice so glad we’ll have that again. Larry will have to do some carpentry stuff with having to take the furnace out, that currently sits under the fridge. If he didn’t I would need a footstool to reach the top shelf.

I’m so excited. This Thursday morning while everyone else might be fixing a bird we will be driving to San Antonio. My sister Nadene is flying in from Michigan and my niece/nephew Marcey/Phil (Nadenes kids) are flying in from Albq. We are going to spend Thanksgiving weekend on the River Walk. Marcey found us a place to have a turkey dinner that night with all the fixings. Then Friday night is the official Christmas Parade on the River and I was able to get us some front row seats. Here’s a picture I found to give you an idea but next week I should have my own pictures.

Speaking of next week the blog will be late, probably won’t post until the first of the week.

Till next time………………………